The Sophia Way, MSFT give campaign, Ananda Nilayam – donated fridges for old age home

1. The Sophia Way – $4000 donation

2. MSFT give campaign

3. Ananda Nilayam – donated fridges for old age home.

American Telangana Association of Seattle donated an estimated of 10 fridges to Anand Nilayam old age home located in Kondapaka village, Siddipet district. Other landmark donations by ATA-Seattle members/volunteers and sponsors have led to the development of this effort which helps the needy and old people. These 10 fridges will be used in newly built rooms that will accommodate two people in each room. With ATA-Seattle support, Anand Nilayam old age home members will lead an improved and more healthy life. Again, thank you for all your support.

 How You Can Help:

Thank you for your consideration of this important gift and donations to ATA-Seattle every year. With your help, there is new hope for thousands of people back in India and USA each year as we donate each and every dollar for a meaningful cause.